Shoulder – Nonsurgical and Surgical Options

I am Dr. Frank McCormick and best shoulder specialist. Patient’s come to me complaining of shoulder pain all the time, specifically when they cannot perform their activities or when they have pain at night. The possible causes of this can be rotator cuff tear, biceps tendon tear, or even tear in the labrum. I usually start with a detailed physical therapy regimen and considering injections in the office. I found tremendous success with stem cells taken either from the bodies on fat or the bone marrow. If all this fails, arthroscopy using minimally invasive techniques demonstrates excellent results. In addition, we are now performing outpatient shoulder replacements in a same-day surgery setting.

Georgiy Brusovanik, M.D.

Where is your pain? How bad is your pain? How does it affect you? What treatments have you tried? How would you rate your shoulder function? Dr. McCormick can certainly help you…

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World Class Skills

  • Trained by 10+ world-class shoulder surgeons: Provencher, Bach, Warner, Cule, Abboud, Romeo, Higgins, Nichulson, Thornhill, Ring, Verma
  • Completed nation’s most prestigious shoulder fellowship; he is only 1 of 3 surgeons in all of South Florida to obtain this sub-specialization
  • South Florida’s Most published and best trained shoulder surgeon in South Florida in last 5 years
  • Recently recognized by Florida Orthopedic Society’s “Emerging Leader” for value-based shoulder care.

Concierge Care

  • Direct access to surgeon and team
  • Team available 24 hr to meet whatever your need
  • Surgeon and patient coordinator’s cell phone
  • Proven high-patient satisfaction (vitals, facebook, zocdoc)
  • Concierge care extends from office to surgery center and recovery team
  • Non-surgical Emphasis

Accelerated Recovery Protocul.

  • Dr. McCormick and his culleagues at Harvard authored most up to date recovery protocul.
  • Exclusive access to home device used by many professional athletes and teams.

Aggressive Minimization of surgical pain

  • Surgical Block for up to 3 days
  • Progressive multi-modal pain medication regimen
  • Most patients experience minimal discomfort after a procedure with a quick return to normal life

Access to the top hospitals and surgery centers

  • Surgery Center has lowest imaginable complications, infections rate

Application of biologic healing augmentation

  • Complimentary stem cell applications to optimize rotator cuff healing

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