I am Dr. Frank McCormick and I am a joint specialist. Shoulder replacement surgery is often times my last resort of treatment option, but at the same time it is very satisfying; especially because it provides longterm sustained reliable results for my patients. More over in 2016, is one of the state-of- art treatment options. These treatment options included minimally invasive muscle sparing approach. This translates into less pain and quick recovery for my patients. Finally, I am now doing them in the outpatient setting, thereby reducing the risk of infection and complications that we seen in the hospital. Finally, I am using a computer-guided surgery as I find that it is much more accurate that the human eye and this is likely that the long-term results that will improve baseline of previous technique. Overall, outpatient joint preservation surgery using computers and current surgical techniques really make the recover safe, effective, minimal pain, downtime, and overall long-term reliable results.

Georgiy Brusovanik, M.D.

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