Knee – Nonsurgical and Surgical Options

I am Dr. Frank McCormick and I love taking care of knee pain. The patients come in complaining of knee pain when they cannot run, when they cannot walk, or even when they cannot work. Possible causes of this knee pain include polyarthritis, cartilage degeneration, meniscal tears, or sometimes ligament tears. My treatment options include physical therapy. We really start with working on range of motion and increasing strength of the quadriceps muscle. Next, I will use cortisone injections into the knee and I have had recently great success using stem cells. I can take stem cells from the body’s own bone marrows, it’s a fact, and it works really-really well. Finally, arthroscopic techniques such as cartilage transplantation, ligament repair, or even outpatient computer guided joint replacement surgeries are effective surgical interventions.

Georgiy Brusovanik, M.D.

Where is your pain? How bad is your pain? How does it affect you? What treatments have you tried? How would you rate your knee function? Dr. McCormick can certainly help you. Learn about injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)

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1. World Class Skills

  1. Trained by 10+ world-class knee surgeon:
  2. Completed nation’s most prestigious knee and cartilage fellowship, followed by the world’s most prestigious cartilage and joint preservation fellowship. He is the only surgeon in all of Florida to obtain this sub-specialization.
  3. South Florida’s Most published knee and cartilage surgeon in South Florida in last 5 years
  4. Recently recognized by Florida Orthopedic Society’s “Emerging Leader” for value-based knee joint preservation care.

2. Concierge Care

  1. Direct access to surgeon and team
  2. Team available 24 hr to meet whatever your need
  3. Surgeon and patient coordinator’s cell phone
  4. Proven high-patient satisfaction (vitals, facebook, zocdoc)
  5. Concierge care extends from office to surgery center and recovery team
  6. Non-surgical Emphasis

4. Aggressive non-operative joint preservation program

  1. Full spectrum of non-operative treatments, injections, cartilage and stem cell treatments.

5. Access to the top hospitals and surgery centers

  1. Surgery Center has lowest imaginable complications, infections rate
  2. Director of the only surgery center in S. Florida approved for outpatient joint Replacements.

6. Application of biologic healing augmentation

  1. Dr. McCormick provides a full-spectrum of natural, biologic healing approaches to knee pain.

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